Do Mini Fridges Have Drip Trays?

Apart from saving on space, a mini fridge is great if you need to store some extra foods, snacks, drinks, or even your favorite leftovers, wherever you are. Office? Living room? On the road?

One thing we’ve been asked about by many however is the drip tray. Do mini fridges have drip trays? Read through to find answers.

Do mini fridges have drip trips

Do mini fridges have drip trays

In many cases, apart from the size, there is almost no difference between a fancy refrigerator and a simple mini fridge.

This basically means that some features are mutual across both types of refrigerators. Think of coils, compressors (yes, many mini fridges have compressors too), and things of the like.

So, if you’re wondering whether a mini fridge has a drip tray, the answer is simply YES.

Most modern-day fridges come with a defrost feature. Many of us are familiar with its general concept of melting the layer/frost of ice that builds up around the refrigerator’s interior, blocking the cool air from flowing into the mini fridge.

Without a drip tray, the defrosted water can inconveniently form little “streams” at your place.

In reference to its job description, a drip tray does just that: catch the drips/condensation before it spills onto your floor.

What should you put under a mini fridge?

Although it may not seem like it’s necessary to put anything under your mini fridge…doing so will help your mini fridge efficiently carry out its operations.

Before deciding on what to put under your mini fridge, you should consider the flow of air. There should be zero airflow restrictions.

So, what are some of the things that you can put under a mini fridge?

Just to mention, it’s not entirely necessary to put something under your mini fridge.

If your fridge rests on a flat and hard surface with enough space between the bottom of the fridge and the surface, then you don’t need anything below.

But if your fridge’s resting surface is something else, the obvious choice is getting a fridge stand. These are common.

An adequately centered fridge on a stand usually helps with air circulation throughout your mini fridge.

If you are on a tight budget, there are other budget-friendly options. A sheet of plywood has been proven to perform just fine.

You can also grab a rubber mat or a piece of vinyl or linoleum flooring. They all work perfectly.

How do you clean a mini fridge drip tray?

When cleaning the refrigerator, it’s common for most people to overlook the drip tray.

This generally leads to the formation of molds and odors, raising yet another question; why is my mini fridge smelling even after a thorough cleaning?

Well, the correct answer lies underneath your fridge.

Drip trays can be removable or non-removable/fixed.

To clean a removable drip pan, you will first of all be required to access it.

Read your fridge’s user manual to find out where the tray is located. If the booklet proves to be of no help, there is always the internet.

After locating the drip tray, there’s a chance that when you pull it out, it will be empty due to the evaporation that takes place but in case there’s water inside, pour it out before you begin the actual cleaning process.

Follow these steps to clean a removable drip pan:

  • In a clean spray bottle, mix bleach and warm water in a ratio of 1:2. You can also use white vinegar or carbon soda in place of bleach.
  • Spray the tray completely with the cleaning agent and let the solution rest on the surface for about 2-3 minutes. In case of molds, spray extra cleaner on it to loosen it and disinfect the area.
  • Using a cleaning rag or sponge, scrub the inside of the drip tray to remove any buildup.
  • Next, rinse the drip pan under warm water to remove the cleaner and residue.
  • Use a clean kitchen towel or paper towels to dry the tray before reinstalling it. You can also let the drip tray air-dry for half an hour before putting it back.

For a non-removable drip pan, you can make use of a claw grabber.

Follow these steps to clean a non-removable drip pan:

  • Dip the cleaning wet wipe or sponge in the cleaning solution then wrap it on the grabber.
  • Slide the end of the grabber into the drip tray and carefully rub around the edges of the tray to scour it clean, changing the wipes when they get dirty.

Do I need a drip pan under my mini fridge?

If you genuinely care about your space, your carpet, your furniture, or even your appliance itself, then you definitely need a drip pan under your mini fridge.

In fact, if your mini fridge does have a defrost feature, be sure it should have a drip pan.

A drip pan is like a superhero that saves the day. When your mini fridge decides to go on an inevitable defrosting spree, a drip pan chips in, catching all the water and containing it from messing up your space.

Do you need a drip pan under your mini fridge? YES, you do. However, a drip tray is not necessary if you own a defrost-free mini fridge.

Can you put cardboard under a mini fridge?

For most of us, cardboards usually top the option-list of “things to put under a mini fridge.” While the choice is popular, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the right one.

If you are wondering if you can put a cardboard under a mini fridge, the answer is NO. A cardboard under your fridge is likely to cause more harm than good.

For starters, there is the airflow issue. A cardboard underneath your mini fridge acts as a barrier that obstructs the airflow around your fridge.

Additionally, a cardboard under your fridge can result in a malfunctioning condenser which is usually located at the bottom of the fridge.

For efficiency, the condenser requires proper air circulation. Cardboards provide just the opposite.

Additionally, Cardboards are made from ordinary papers which makes them highly flammable so you don’t want them near your fridge coils.


Mini fridges have gained popularity over the past years. Their relatively small size gives them an upper hand over large refrigerators in many use cases.

They can easily be installed almost anywhere, giving you the advantage of eating freshly preserved foods, snacks, and chilled drinks.

Additionally, you don’t have to worry about the abrupt formation of little ‘streams’ in your home as a result of defrosting, the drip tray got your back!

Mini fridges come with drip trays that ‘catch’ condensation, leaks, and spills that might otherwise ruin your floor or carpet.

The trays are easy to clean. As easy as pulling it from underneath your fridge, scrubbing it with your preferred cleaner, drying it, and then pushing it back in again.

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