Do Mini Fridges Make Noise? (EXPLAINED!)

You would’ve thought that given their size, mini-fridges would make no noise, but that couldn’t be any wronger.

Just like regular refrigerators, mini fridges do have compressors, and in most cases, the compressor will make some noise as it goes on about its duties.

There are a few types of mini fridges that have no compressors but use thermoelectric cooling, these usually do not make any kinds of noises.

So to answer your question, some mini-fridges make noises while others don’t. Those that make noises are the ones that come with a compressor and those that don’t, have no compressor.

Let’s dive into the details.

Do mini fridges make noise

Do Mini Fridges make noise?

Mini fridges like all other fridges make some sort of faint noise and this is completely normal. Though some mini fridges are louder than others and this is greatly dependent on the price, quality, and brand.

A few other types of mini fridges make little to no noise at all but these usually do not come with a compressor but instead use thermoelectric cooling.

The normal sound range of a mini fridge lies between 30 and 47 decibels which is too low to cause any disruption.

Mini Fridge Interior

Is it normal for my mini fridge to make noise?

Yes, it is normal for mini fridges to make noise. It is important to note which kind of sound the mini fridge is making because each sound has a reason behind it.

The most common sound is buzzing. A new mini fridge makes a buzzing noise because it’s in the process of adjusting to the new environment’s humidity and temperature. The sound goes away with time so it’s no reason for concern.

How do I stop my mini fridge from making noise?

In order to stop the mini fridge from making noise, one starts by identifying where exactly the noise is coming from as this gives a clue to the cause.

The first cause is a dirty or dusty compressor as a result of accumulating dirt and dust which makes the mini fridge noisy. On a normal day, the compressor will make some sound but when it’s too loud, then we know there’s an issue.

Dirty fridge compressor

Secondly, it could be a result of a dirty or faulty evaporator fan, condenser fan, or water inlet valve. Check at the back of your fridge to see if the fans are clean or aren’t blocked by any dirt.

Just in case the noise isn’t a result of the electronic parts, it could be a result of an imbalance of a mini fridge on the floor. Failure of a mini fridge to be balanced on the floor makes it shake and start buzzing especially if the floor is rugged and uneven.

The solutions here are to keep the compressor clean and to make sure the mini-fridge is balanced on the floor.

Should my mini fridge be buzzing?

It is completely normal for a mini fridge to be buzzing. The challenge comes in when the fridge makes a loud humming noise. The normal humming noise signifies that the condenser is working towards cooling down, when it gets louder that means the fan has a problem.

The following are some of the steps that can be taken to get rid of the loud humming;

  • Leveling out the mini fridge legs
  • Cleaning its moving parts regularly
  • Putting the mini fridge on a mat
  • Place soundproofing behind the mini fridge such as acoustic foam

Furthermore, keeping the fridge stocked also reduces the sound it makes resulting from being empty.

Why is my mini fridge making a high-pitched noise?

This high-pitched sound can either be classified as whining or whistling and is an indicator of a problem with the evaporator fan.

The issue may either be rust or scales formed on the evaporator fan. The solution is to clean it and if this does not help, it could mean that it requires a replacement or consulting a professional.

Mini fridge back

Why is my mini fridge making a popping sound?

During the downtime of the cooling cycle, the evaporator coils use this chance to relieve themselves of the frost that has formed on them during the cooling cycle.

Due to the change in temperature of the evaporator coils, an expansion and contraction effect occurs in the plastic part of the mini fridge and this may explain the popping sound.

Alternatively, the popping sound may be a result of a damaged water valve that is in need of replacement. Another cause of this sound is an overloaded compressor, to avoid this, the correct outlet or extension cord should be used.

Why does my Mini fridge sound like running water?

This sound is a result of condensation. This occurs in the mini-fridge when warm air blends with cold air and it causes the water formed to run down to the bottom of the appliance and it’s collected in the drip tray.

This sound occurs due to the natural running of the mini fridge and is unavoidable.

The other cause of this sound could be the ice tray being refilled with water after being emptied, this process occurs automatically.


So do mini fridges make noise?

Yes, mini fridges do make some sort of noise, but as long as the noise made is not noticeable or too loud, there is no cause for alarm.

The most common sound expected to be heard when the mini fridge is operating normally is a low buzzing or humming sound.

On the other hand, if it is too loud, we get to know that there’s an issue with the parts such as the condenser, compressor, evaporator fan or water valve.

Examples of noises that signify a problem include loud humming, gurgling or bubbling, popping, and the sound of running water.

Cleaning the mini fridge regularly may help with some of these issues. Additionally, if you are unable to diagnose the problem or fix it, it is advisable to contact fridge repair professionals to take a look at it.

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